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David Fowler

San Francisco, CA
David Fowler is a 23-year-old musician and entrepreneur who makes his living entirely through A Cappella; be it from recording and production work, arranging, workshopping, consulting, or performing, he actively pursues as many opportunities as he can to further involve himself in the art form. David’s parents will corroborate that his favorite pastime for the entirety of his life has been music - singing in particular. Sometimes at the wee hours of night. Loudly. A California native his whole life, he moved to Oregon in summer of 2018 in order to work with Peter Hollens full time at his studio. He also has a YouTube channel, which currently holds 33k Subscribers and 3.4M aggregate views. While his greatest dream is to one day own a Corgi named Douglas, he also believes that A Cappella is the most unifying art form that exists, and wants to make it more accessible and available to everyone in whatever way he can.